Aren't we all?

Sleep for many has become one of those things that feels less and less attainable. We struggle with sleep issues for so many reasons. Aches, restlessness, anxiety, insomnia, technology, lack of exercise, the list goes on and on. We know sleep is good for us, study after study states the importance of getting a good night’s rest. But how exactly does one do this? Especially in today’s unpredictable and turbulent environment. Below are a few tips we have found helpful in our never-ending pursuit of the perfect night’s sleep. We hope you find them to be helpful too! 


Sleep & Wake Times:

Sticking to a consistent sleep and wake schedule has been shown to improve sleep quality and aid in sleep duration. Part of setting a productive sleep schedule includes preparing for sleep by doing something relaxing and technology free at least 30 minutes before bed. One of our favorite routines is to take a quick 5-10 minute shower after which we apply our Good Night Body Butter to any achy muscles. Then we take our daily dose of Mellow Mint 1000mg drops and do some light stretching followed by quiet 5-10 minutes of mindfulness meditation.

Find Your Rhythm:

Turn those lights down low in the evening, not just to set the mood, but to get your circadian rhythm. You know, your body’s natural sleep and wake button. Our bodies use light as a cue for when to be awake and when to go to sleep. So when we use light to our advantage it helps us get a better, more well rounded night of rest. Try using lower light settings before bedtime, and try using natural light i.e. sunrise, to help trigger your natural alarm clock in the morning.

Put the Phone Down: 

Not only is the blue light from your phone, tablet, computer or tv screen disruptive to your brain’s ability to rest, I would also be willing to bet the content you’re consuming on these screens (at least in the last week) is equally disruptive. Avoid using technology at least 30 minutes before bed, not only to avoid blue light but to also avoid content and news that can be distressing or induce anxiety. A little screen separation aided by our 1000mg Mellow Mint Tincture can really get you in the mood to gently fall into a restful night’s sleep.

Keep It Light:

Eating a lighter meal before bed may help improve your sleep. What you put into your body before bed directly affects how well you sleep. Maybe you ate a big bowl of pasta and enjoyed a couple of glasses of wine before bed? Alcohol and heavy foods that are more difficult to digest have been shown to disrupt sleep by waking you throughout the night. Have you ever been woken up by a sense of anxiety or an adrenaline rush around 3 am? That is your liver breaking down glucose, the glucose your body produced from consuming alcohol the night before. We aren’t saying you can’t enjoy a drink or a nice meal, just keep in mind how those things can affect your sleep. Maybe skip the wine and make a light alcohol-free cocktail with our 500mg Mellow Mint Tincture, find our favorite recipe here.

What’s Your Favorite Position?:

No, not that! I’m talking about your favorite sleep position. How do you find the best rest? In a recent study, researchers found that people who sleep on their side wake up more rested than those that sleep on their backs or stomachs? Why? Because when you’re asleep your brain goes into cleaning mode utilizing a network of drainage systems that are stimulated by blood flow. This helps to dump unnecessary or used chemicals from your brain into your body’s natural waste collection system. Sleeping on your side enables your brain to clear the largest amount of clutter. Which in turn makes you feel most rested upon waking. You can feel even more invigorated by hoping in the shower and moisturizing for the day with our carefully crafted Good Morning Body Oil. It smells delightful and uses the energizing scent of Sweet Orange Blossom to kick your day off right!

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