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Seasonal Allergies + The Benefits of CBD

Blooming, blossoming, sneezing and itching. Those things seem to all hang together this beautiful time of year. There are so many pharmaceutical interventions for allergies but the side effects and long term effects of them are not ideal. Enter CBD. A 2005 Biochemical Journal study tested the affects of CBD on allergies and the results were really promising. CBD targets inflammation in the body. When inflammation is reduced, the body has a better response to producing histamines. A 2018 study showed CBD directly reducing headaches, nasal pain and pressure from allergies, reduction of mucus and congestion and better sleep. All of that to say, CBD can help you feel less itchy, sneezy and sniffly during high allergy times. 


Another huge pro of CBD over standard pharmaceuticals for allergy relief is the clear headedness you feel versus started medication. Many people complain of "allergy medicine brain" where they feel foggy and out of it. CBD's affects are subtle yet powerful and can help promote general wellbeing within the cannabinoidal system in the body while keeping you clear headed. Better days ahead with CBD. Now, you can go enjoy those beautiful blossoms. 

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