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Finding Your Ideal Dose

Start with the lowest dose, whether it's a micro or standard dose. Stick with it for a week and increase by 2-3mg a day as needed. We recommend keeping a daily journal log of your daily dose and symptom severity to help you find your perfect amount.

Stay consistent. To feel the effects of CBD, it’s important to keep a consistent, daily dosing schedule to allow it to build up in your endocannabinoid system, especially when you’re just starting out.

Consult your doctor if needed. If you’re concerned about taking CBD with other medications or supplements, contact your doctor for professional advice (and remember - CBD is legal in all 50 states, so don’t let that stop you if you have questions!).

What to Know Before You Dose
Your needs will depend on multiple factors: your endocannabinoid levels, your metabolism, your diet, your height and weight, and your tolerance levels for cannabis and CBD will all have an impact on how much you need to take.

If you’re taking CBD for symptoms of a specific condition, this will also affect what kind of dose you need.

More CBD is not always better. While there is no one-size-fits-all approach to CBD, some studies have suggested that taking more than your ideal dose can lessen the effects. This is why we recommend a log of your doses and symptoms until you find your sweet spot.

MicroDose Serving Sizes

Microdosing involves taking a small dose multiple times a day rather than one or two larger doses each day. If you’d like the most detail about how CBD affects you at all levels, start with a microdosing routine and increase weekly until you’re at standard dose levels.

 Start with a small dose

2-5 mg

Up to 3x / day

Maintain for 2-3 days (up to 7 days)

Increase dose, if necessary

4-10 mg

Up to 3x / day

Maintain for 2-3 days

Increase dose, if necessary

8-20 mg

Up to 3x / day

Maintain for 2-3 days

Increase dose, if necessary

16-40 mg

Up to 3x / day

Maintain for 2-3 days


Standard Dose Serving Sizes 

Standard dosing involves taking one large dose of CBD per day as opposed to multiple smaller doses. Remember: more does not always mean better, so start low and stick with it for 7-10 days before increasing your dose.

 Symptom Intensity

31-60 lbs

60-100 lbs

100-175 lbs

175-200 lbs


2-4 mg +

4-6 mg +

6-8 mg +

8-10 mg +


4-8 mg +

6-12 mg +

8-18 mg +

12-20 mg +


8-12 mg +

12-18 mg +

18-24 mg +

22-30 mg +


12-18 mg +

18-24 mg +

24-32 mg +

32-40 mg +


18-30 mg +

24-40 mg +

32-60 mg +

42-60 mg +

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