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CBD for Women's Health

When it comes to being a woman, there are multitudes of upsides. Girl talk. Clean bathrooms. Longer lives. The ability to multitask. Higher pain tolerance. 

Those are just a few of the benefits. But let's talk about that pain tolerance for a minute. Just because we can endure pain (childbirth, anyone?), doesn't mean we should

If you find yourself in loads of discomfort at the same time every month (because not everything about being a woman is a positive), there may be a solution. Don't use your sick days for something so miserable. Save those for a TV marathon. Instead, let Batch Apothecary CBD help ease the pain, inflammation and discomfort caused by monthly feminine issues. 


We have two products that can help alleviate some of the most uncomfortable symptoms of that monthly brawl: the Mellow Mint CBD Tincture and Good Night CBD Oil for sleep

Our Mellow Mint Tincture can help reduce cramping and bloating. Cramping sucks. End of story. It's completely unjustified pain. And bloating? While it may not be painful, per se, it also sucks. As if being on edge and in pain aren't enough, add to it that pants don't fit. Our Mellow Mint Tincture can help both! 

Our Good Night Oil allows you to settle into a deep sleep when the time is right. In addition to soothing any aches or soreness you may be experiencing, this luxuriously hydrating oil soaks deep into your skin, letting the infusion of lavender, clary sage, and chamomile melt away stress and calm your senses before bed. 

Improve your feminine care routine with our Mellow Mint Tincture to help reduce cramping and bloating. And set yourself up for a good night of sleep with our Good Night Oil to soothe any end-of-day soreness and achiness. And kiss those sick days goodbye. 

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