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CBD for Anxiety

I’ve dealt with anxiety for as long as I can remember. I’ve come to think of it as a family trait. My mom says her grandmother was so anxious that during storms, she would sleep in a chair next to the door with her coat and shoes on in case they needed to get out. Even as a child, I personally struggled with insomnia and found excuses every month to miss a day or two of school. As I’ve gotten older and had kids of my own, life has taken unexpected turns. And my anxiety has kicked me in the face more times than I can count. Postpartum with my second child, who had a particularly rough start, I struggled with feeling overwhelmed daily and needed to find a solution. 

I’ve always tried to find the natural route for things and CBD was the first thing I tried for anxiety that actually made a difference. After consistently taking CBD daily for a few weeks, I looked back and realized that the edge had been taken off my days. Tasks that used to overwhelm me like getting my boys out the door in the morning became easier for me. Deadlines were less terrifying. The effects of CBD are subtle at first, but over time they really add up to a major difference. For me, that meant my overall mental health and happiness improved. 

I committed to using CBD and began researching the many options available. I quickly discovered the importance of using a full spectrum CBD products. Using third party tested, organic, high quality CBD from Batch helped me fully turn a corner to take care of my own personal wellness. I take one dose each day right at bedtime (bonus: I sleep better and have less tummy troubles) and a second dose when I need it. I’m a big fan of a soak in the tub, and hydrate my skin after with Batch CBD body oils to shake my worries away. I still suffer from rough days and bouts of anxiety; I always will. But through daily use of Batch CBD, my days have become more about life and less about worry. 

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